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i have toes

i went for a walk today. then i went online for a while. then i drew some pictures.

yes, exciting.

just trying to keep up with all the rest of you people's lists of things you do everyday and such. 9__9

but really, i saw some pretty little tiny flowers. i'd like to be able to know what kind of plants they are. are they indiginous to north america? did they kill off a species of other flower? how are they pollinated? should we undergo a complete biological overhaul of the new world to try and stimulate things back to diversity, or is it too late for that? oh, crap. starting that again.
arbor day is sometime this month, i think. i want to find a rare kind of tree that is indiginous [hey there's that word again] to this area and plant it next to the one in the front yard that's really tiny and standing alone and being bad feng shui. but i doubt that's going to happen. i wonder why? it makes me sad. lack of action is lack of reaction is lack of feeling better from accomplishment.

i am trying hard not to complain. i am waiting for a revolution. this will get me no where.
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