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uhhh. oh yeah. i got a gmail email thingy? are those still special? i haven't gotten any invitation things to send out yet. dunno what i'm gonna do with them when i do. oof.
god i hate math. the whole class is so frustrating. it's online... bla bla.. and you have to take these assessments that like, if you don't retain what you learned, they bump you back. and even if you retain it, if you do the arithmetic wrong you still have to do that topic all over again... so okay. we have to be at 75% by the time the final comes next week right? and last week i'm all cruising along, 70%, yanno, ahead of schedule. and this assessment comes up.. and bumps me back to 32FREAKING%. so then to be able to pass, it'd be like doing half the semester in one week. asspain like whoa. and i'm all freaking out all week and shit. but luckily, today, i apparently did so much this week that they had me do another assessment... and i got up to 72%. i'm so proud, haha, i feel like such a dork. i'm already past the amount we need for the final. going to slack a li'l now before it kills me....

and... yeah. nice pointless story. yay.

The YOU Side

001. Full Name: Lauren Carol Clark
002. Nicknames: lolan, lolly, ren, 'renren
003. Screen name[s]: mitsene, aflara, rek
004. Age: 18
005. School: wcsu
006. GPA: 3.5 or summat
007. Sex: female
008. Birthday: 09-24-1986
009. Zodiac sign: libra
010. Hospital where you were born: danbury. i can see it from here. creepy.
011. Location: now? danbury.
012. Height: 5’3"ish
013. Weight: 100lbs. i lost weight. stupid school food.
014. Hair Color: dark brown
015. Eye Color: greyblue
016. Siblings [name(s) & age(s)]: ugh, you're kidding... ok, rob [19] russell [16] ryan [20?something?], sean [16], mary [11?12??], michelle [20something], jason [20something]

The CRUSH Side
019. Crush: ..?
020. Girlfriend/Boyfriend: yes?
021. If you could BONE anyone in the world, who would it be?: wow umm your mom [*keeping josh's answer*]
022. When and who was your 1st crush?: aw. josh horvath, 5th grade.
023. What do you first notice about the opposite sex [looks alone]?: hair
025. How romantic are you?: enough
027. Ideal girl/guy: ._. jon?
028. Most romantic thing that happened to you: d'awww. i forgot. > >;;
The PAST Side
029. Memory [thing] you miss most: my grandparents house :( in winter, preferably. with snow.
030. If you could go back in time, where would you go?: this summer...? orrrrr um. north america like year 1200.
031. Thing that you regretted doing after you had done it: not going to eca for senior year..
032. Memory you would like to forget: people....
033. What'd you do yesterday? [just curious]: studied.. uh.. drew.. wrote... stuff.
034. Last person you talked to on the phone: that stupid chick that keeps calling for my roomate but never wants to leave a message
035. Last thing you said: 'sure'
036. Last song you listened to: radiohead - bulletproof [i wish i was]
037. TV show you wish they would re-air again: zimwtf.
038. Occupation: slacker
039. Dream Car: orange electric/hydrogen vw hippie minibus.
040. Marriage: yeah... eh. if it happens, it happens.
041. Kids: i'd make a crappy mom o_O;;
042. Future son's name: ...
043. Future daughter's name: poopstick.
044. Honeymoon: dunno.. japan ;;?
045. Where will you live?: ny, then.. vermont..? then.. yeah. >_>
046. What are you doing tomorrow?: slacking off. and doing mailstuffs cause i suck and am late.

047. Food: mooshoovegetable + veglomein<3
048. Drink: icedtea/greentea
049. TV shows: *shrug*
050. Movie: fight club.. miyazaki stuff...
053. Colors: indigo, red..
054. Actor: brad pitt, but mostly in fincher films
055. Actress: ehh
056. Weekend Activity: sleeeeeeep
057. Day of the week: midvikudags
059. Month: may
060. Book: ishmael
061. Holiday: talklikeapirateday>:|
062. Number: 27
063. Cookie: ew..
064. Phrase too overused: likewhoa
065. Toothpaste: non-sweet stuff...
066. Ice Cream: mint... something.. cookiedough...
067. Candy bar: twix...?
068. Teacher: uh.
070. Restaurant: anything sushi
071. Channel: cartoonnetwork
072. Radio Station: don't listen
073. Type of music: relatively unheard of really weird crap.
074. Shampoo/Conditioner: don't care....
075. Song: don't make me choose ;; but right now 'love letter to myself' by faye wong, i guess
076. Music Video: ewww
077. Sport: ew
080. Hangout: my dad's, i guess
081. Pet: sullivan <3

The FRIEND side
082. Friends: ...ok?
083. Best Friend: rachael
084. Funniest: mokos. or jess?
085. Silliest: moko
086. Loudest: uhhh dunno
087. Craziest: hahamokowtf
088. Skinniest: *shrug* mokoskinnyno?
089. Best at keeping secrets: urf. jon/rachael
090. The one you have, but wish you didn't: haha. not gonna say, but i doubt they're reading this so don't worry. its probably not you.
091. Smartest: jon.. ehh
092. Most innocent looking: d'aww. ted. hahah
093. Sweetest: lauren lombardi?
094. Hottest: lols. im'a say jon, stay on the safe side.
095. Weirdest: mokos.
096. Most hyper: moko o_O
097. Biggest pervert: >_>
098. Most annoying: nobodies....
099. Quietest: wayahs
100. Prettiest: *shrug*

101. Do you believe in angels?: uhno.
102. Aliens?: sorta..?
103. Heaven & Hell?: eh no.
104. God?: pffnkkhhhh nnnnotreallysorry
105. Yourself?: depends...?

106. Been on a plane: yes
107. Cried in public: when i was a kid...
108. Climbed a tree: duh
109. Fell asleep in a Movie Theater: no..
110. Kissed a girl: no
111. Met a celebrity: eh, not really
112. Met the president: nope
113. Been scared to get a shot: noo
114. Wore braces: nu.
115. Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: hahaha
116. Had an online relationship: yes. omg *dork*
117. Broken the law: probably...
118. Said, "I love you," and meant it?: mmhm.
119. Made prank calls: no..
120. Gone skinny-dipping: nuu
121. Skipped school: yusss.
122. Loved somebody so much it made you cry: shh.
123. Gone to a theme park and checked out all the cute guys/girls: ehhh no

124. [a] Sitting on a wet toilet seat OR [b] finding out there is no TP half way
through: B
125. [a] Kissing someone who just threw up OR [b] kissing someone who just ate
taco bell: A
126. [a] You don't know how to ride a bike OR [b] you don't know how to roller
blade: A
127. [a] You lose a finger OR [b] you lose a toe: A
128. [a] You are a rotten apple OR [b] you are chunky milk: B
129. [a] watching reruns of Full House OR [b] watching reruns of Gilligans
Island: a

130. Bill Clinton: monicalewinski?
131. Lollipops: uhh dunno
132. Dreams: whatever i dreamed of last
133. Love: mrrf<3 [no, seriously...]
134. Whipped Cream: pumpkinpie?
135. South Park: cartman
136. Boy Bands: ewwwwwww
137. Guys: are.. male.
138. Girls: are icky
139. Death: something about cliffs o_O

140. Dog/Cat: cat
141. Blue/Purple: bluepurple >:|
142. Chocolate/Vanilla: dont care...
143. Coke/Pepsi: dunno. whats the dif?
144. Pen/Pencil: pencil
145. Plumber/Trash man: trash. he's only there for like five minutes or less.
146. Ear/Eye: eye
147. Rich and unhappy/Poor and happy: poor+happy
148. Tall/Short: tall

149. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: no..
150. Last time you showered: hour+halfago. but two or three days before that. oops.
151. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: maroonnnnnn
152. How many buddies do you have on your list? 73 on aim, 24 on msn
153. Do you like this survey?: i guess
154. What are the last 4 digits of your number?: 7995 orrrr 7986 orrrrr 7375. wtf is with the sevens....
155. One pillow or two, cotton or feather?: Two feather. *keepanswer*
156. Last CD you bought: tori amos - under the pink
157. How long are you in the shower?: 15-30mins
158. How do you eat a Reese's Peanut Buttercup?: punch out the middle, eat it, then eat the rest
159. Feelings on abortion: mmdeadbaby. i mean uhhhh. as long as it's not past a certain point... like.. yeah. eh. do itttt
160. Is Tupac alive?: probably not
161. Thoughts on Britney Spears: needs to get hit with something. bad.
162. What does your screen name mean?: crash in icelandic
163. Person you most admire: ummmhm. jennadelle?
164. Right, Left, or Ambidextrous?: right
165. What is on your mouse pad?: japanese calligraphy. says ai 'love' ooh.
166. What is under your bed?: guitar case, suitcase, construction paper, color aid, bigass sketchpad, bag full of bags.
167. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?: enough.
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