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Spinnen zieht durch

24 September
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it's there that no one will stare
at your jaws and your long fur
and the claws in your fingers.

[it was familiar to me
the smoke too thick to breathe
the tile floors glistened
i slowly stirred my drink.
and when he started to sing
you spoke with broken speech
that i could not understand
and then you grabbed me tightly
i won't let go, i won't let go
even if you say so, oh no
i've tried and tried with no results'
i won't let go i wont let go...
he then played every song from
nineteen ninety three
the crowd applauded as
he curtsied bashfully
your eyelashes tickled my neck
with every nervous blink
and it was perfect
until the telephone started
ringing ringing ringing ringing ringing off....]
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