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LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:aflara
Your haiku:as i remember
it's just good music that moves
me which it is.i
Created by Grahame

read these all in sequence, like a story...

rich-ass huge houses in
cali revenge from the strings
ever so slightly

a dream who knows what's
real anymore a thousand
blankets filled with

couple of stories
on a whim not very good
but lately i've been

filled with soft soft
around me the childish fears
of yesteryear sleep

ignore the fact that
i dont have the shitweasels
in them anyhow

violent at school and
some days wouldn't mind taking a
nailbat to half the

breadwinners in their
family or the mountains
ruined by the ton

how much i've changed
since the last time i saw it
oh in december

white shining in the
sketches section of my jawbone
and then ill wake up

the song in the air
flow time flows it's times like these
i wish i had some

either as a soft
emotional picture or
something feel a

bit tired now that
i do believe i'm running
soon as i leave home

there's clouds in the sky
oil paints and war mongers
tongue behind your teeth

somedays here i am
cold and warm and frozen stiff
working up a sweat

so now moonlight moves
orange and still blue life and
death and then i'll go

some of those i actually wrote... and didnt jsut lj haiku-ize.

my favorite line out of that-- 'around me the childish fears of yesteryear sleep.'
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