rek (aflara) wrote,

You know what I want to live like? Not like this, no…
I want to find an old house, ok condition – not amazing, because old, rickety houses have a beauty you can’t find many other places [the beauty of decay]. A house no one’s living in. and squat there. You know, just live there and end up owning it by that law.. with the squatting.. and such. Yeah. But with people, too – a small group of people, ones I know well, ones who want to escape this as much as I do. [our own little tribe]. We’d heat the house by the fireplace [why would you need anything else?] and get electricity by self-supplied means of solar and wind power – or anything that just doesn’t rely on outside powerlines. We’d feed ourselves by having a little garden, fishing in a body of water nearby, possibly hunting. Clothing I haven’t quite worked out yet, but considering I’ve been working on this for just a day, it’ll get there. We wouldn’t have to get a job.. well, not full time, at least. We could take turns working part-time to supply what we couldn’t get elsewhere – internet access, for one, and possibly art supplies, notebooks, whathaveyou. If there were seven of us, we’d only have to work a day a week.
And if it ended up more people lived like this, we could end up trading, getting things we wouldn’t have had. [like cheese…] Children…? No school. No goddamn concentration camps for kids. Sure, they’d be educated – I mean, how hard is it to teach a four year old to read? Christ, I could read before I entered kindergarten, it’s not that damn hard. And if they really wanted to learn other stuff, then we could get books on it. We’d let them learn what they wanted to learn, not just this ‘a nice rounded education’ bullshit. I think we all know how much it sucks having to take courses you don’t give a damn about, aren’t good at, and won’t even use in the so-called ‘real world’.
Oh, and transportation~! Aside from the usual busing-ness that you could always hop on, we’d have a nice little car that runs on vegetable oil. I’m not shitting you, they have people with cars like that already. Nobody’s going to stand for this three-bucks-a-gallon polluting-as-hell bull if they have to.
There’s probably other stuff I missed… if you think of it, pleeease post it. I need to figure this out because there’s as much of a chance that I’m going to end up living like this as I am going to live 9 to 5 assfuck job from hell. I think I’ve got four years. [and yeah, still going to college because I really would like to get better at art. That’s my only goal in life.] in fact life there itself would consist of nothing but doodling and surfing the net and going for walks in the woods. And fishing. That’s not so bad, eh?

[i suppose i want to know why i can't just screw around for the rest of my life, even if it's just what i love to do. if i can make it work -- if i can make a sustainable living by screwing around and just doing what i want to do -- why, why, why, CAN'T i??]
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