rek (aflara) wrote,

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i have to stop pretending i don't care.
or do i? i don't know. the past attacked me today.

if you're reading this and i haven't talked to you in a billion years, tell me something you think i probably don't know about you now that seems pretty significant.

i used to think [and still do think, a little] that trivial, petty, trite things are pointless in life, and people whose lives are centered around these things are pointless as well. i was a bit off. trivial things like teacups and fauxfur coats have all the importance and poetry of so-called important things like death and government. so you have all the teacups you want, i'm sorry i got so flustered. i'm still a child. forgive me.

i'm turning words in my favor, i see them everywhere as i see colors now. i want to see the beauty in everything instead of stagnancy.
[and i'm so glad i have someone to help me see.]
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